Shri Radha Kant Shastri Man Mandir Seva Sansthan, Barsana
Shri  Jai Krishna Das Man Mandir Seva Sansthan, Barsana
Shri  Haresh Kumar Thenua Pani Gaon
Shri  Shri Chand Vrindavan
Shri  Devendra Pal Singh Advocate Vrindavan
Shri  Varun Kumar Bansivat
Shri  Govind Kishor Goswami Kishorvan, Vrindavan
Shri  Acharya Devendra Chaitanya Pani Gaon
Shri  Radhey Shyam Chodhry Vrindavan
Shri  Vishnupad Das Vrinda Kunja, Vrindavan
Shri  Sundar Gopal Das Pandawali Kunja, Vrindavan
Shri  Rajveer Singh Advocate Vrindavan
Shri  Jagannath Poddar Friends of Vrindavan, Vrindavan
Shri  Partha Sarthi Food for Life, Vrindavan
Smt. Gandharvika Dasi Vrinda Kunja, Vrindavan

Minutes of meeting:
* Meeting was conducted in the presidency of Sh. Govind Kishor Goswami, Kishorvan, Vrindavan.
* Sh. Radhey Shyam Choudhry reported that he has asked an RTI form U.P. Pollution Control Board on present status of plastic carry bags prohibition in Mathura District but he didn’t receive any answer yet.
* He as asked another RTI form Water Board, Mathura regarding- why around 18 drains falls directly in Yamuna? Do they have any policy or action plan to stop these.
* Sh. Radha Kant Shastri reported that there is no Yamuna Water after Bajeerabad Dam, Haryana and it is only drain and Sewage water here. We should approach all Katha Bachak (Priest) that they can raise this issue in their Katha.
* Jagannath Poddar reported that few years back there was a particular fund to clean Yamuna and Ghats, but it has been stopped now. We should ask to administration to start this fund again.
* Partha Sarthi reported that in Vrindavan and surrounding 8 km.; It is illegal to sell eggs, chicken, meat, fish and liquor but it is happening in Vrindavan and nearby and BVHA should oppose this illegal act.
* Sh. Devendra Chaitanya reported that there is no proper place to bury dead body of mother cow and BVHA should approach to administration regarding this issue.
* Sh. Rajveer Singh said that everyone knows that selling eggs, chicken, meat and liquor are illegal act but it is happening then we should ask an RTI regarding this.
* Jai Krishna Das said that there is no Yamuna water after Bajeerabad Dam, Haryana. We are fighting to bring yamuna to Vrindavan. We are organizing a mass movement and in which 2 lacs people will take part that will take place on 1st of March 2013.
* Meeting ended with the thanks note by President.

-Shri Madan Bihari Das Baba – Tathia Sthan
-Shri Devendra Caitanya
-Shri B.A. Paramadvaiti Maharaj – Vrinda Kunj
-Shri Partha Sarathi – Food for life
-Shri Radhe Shyam Ji
-Shri Rajveer Singh – Advocate
-Shri Bishnupada Das – Helping Hands for Vrindavan
-Shri Sundar Gopal Das – Pandawali Kunj
-Srimati Gandharvika Dasi – Vrinda Kunj

Minutes of the meeting
-We confirm previous committees and made new ones:
.Media coordinator: Shri Devendra Caitanya Acarya.
.Public relations with Sadhus: Shri Madan Bihari Das Baba.
.RTI committee: Shri Rajveer Singh.
.Agaisnt noise pollution committee: Shri Radhe Shyam Ji.
.Yamuna cleaning committee: Shri Paramadvaiti Maharaj, Shri Radhe Shyam Ji, Shri Partha Sarathi, Shri Bishnupada Das.
.Communications with Municipal board committee: Shri Madan Bihari Das Baba, Shri Rajveer Singh, Shri Radhe Shyam Ji, Shri Partha Sarathi.
-Shri Madan Bihari Das Baba said that we should not deal with any donation that will defame BVHA and Shri Paramadvaiti Maharaj added: if someone wants to colaborate in the cause of BVHA he can do any work or support with donations to the different NGO’s are participating on the Alliance.
-Shri Paramadvaiti Maharaj said: It is not good enough putting pressure on Government,we have to follow the example of Chandi Heffner who did a practical action on Yamunaji.
-Shri Madan Bihari Baba enfatized that in every meeting we have to take notes and upload on the website, he also said that we have to approach different organizations in Vrindavan, specialy Hospitals, Schools and Ashrams.
-Finally all the present members agreed to send a thanks letter to K.P.S. Gill and Chandi Heffner for their work fo Yamunaji.

Press brief & Invite

You are cordially invited on 19th Feb 2012 between 7:00 to 9:30am at India Gate to render your support & watch the Runners in the National Indian Open Marathon running with the message

Bring Yamuna River Back To Delhi – Braj Vrindavan – Gokul to observe the

Theme: Save our Rivers

Main attraction on the D – Day -

· 19 Feb 2012 – Indian Open Mawana Marathon (21km & 42km distance), New Delhi Flag off time 7:30am from India Gate, Tilak Marg.

· On 19th we are launching this campaign through Runners. They will spread the message and will become our mobile Ambassadors through out the year.

Reporting time for the team at India Gate – 7:00AM

Sunita Godara, (1992 Asian Marathon Gold Medalist) and Director Health Fitness Trust is coordinating a big team of 200 Runners participating in the National Marathon to be held in Delhi on 19th Feb at India Gate organized by Mawana Sugars Company.

In this Marathon many top Runners are trying to qualify for upcoming Olympics in London. Former Asian Marathon champion has networking with various groups of Marathon Runners (Elite Indian Runners from Army, Police, BSF, Railways and regular local runners from HFT Marathon club from Delhi /NCR).

Marathon Team comprising of 50 Top Indian Elite Marathon Runners from all over India and 150 HFT Marathon Club Runners including Veteran National Winners are going to spread the message – “Save our Rivers”.

Health Fitness Trust “Stree Shakti Kendra” Center for community development is joining the campaign with 80 women in this Marathon.

Coordinator of the Runner’s Team

Ms Sunita Godara (1992 Asian Marathon Gold Medalist with Record of 2:43 for 42km; 1:16min for 21km; 35:45sec for 10km) NIS qualified Coach.

Sunita Godara -             9811139985      ;             9213396634       email –

AIMS and OBJECTIVES of the campaign:

· To bring Healthy Environment, Create Running Culture and healthy lifestyle. We need safe & clean Rivers for our planet’s health.

· About 8 crore people visit Braj Vrindavan & Gokul for religious pursuits and they are not able to take a sip of this religiously important River!

· We support the stand for bringing Back Rivers to its people, wildlife and Ecology. We would like to spread this message through out the country.

· We Campaign for Adequate natural fresh waters to flow through the entire stretch of Yamuna River. This shall dilute its uncontrolled pollution and bring back the original river back to its people, wildlife and ecology.

· The participants would know more about the issue “ Save Rivers” because we will encourage them to do net surfing on the issues & Solutions of our Rivers including Yamuna and also SIGN Petition At…….

· Our Campaign aims to help and make the difference!


SUNITA GODARA has been a celebrated pioneer woman marathoner of the country, with a string of international achievements, medals and Asian wins in the marathon as well as distance running to her credit. She is also a fitness, yoga and athletics expert and trainer with several health and fitness related programs under her belt.

As an eminent international athlete marathoner of repute (76 Full marathons run till date with 25 Golds, 12 Silvers & 13 Bronzes and also 123 half Marathons across the globe in 26 countries and a total of 110,000 Kms covered in training). She has a personal best marathon time of 2 hrs 43 min 33 seconds, clocked in Paris Marathon in 1993.

Sunita started her Marathon carrier with the same Delhi Rath marathon then which is now Mawana Sugars Indian Open Marathon and became the National Marathon Champion way back in 1984. She participated in the 1985 Boston and 1990 London Marathons.

In this grueling 42.2 Km after winning Rath Delhi marathon in India she went on to win international marathons especially in Asia in Bangkok, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan.

Among her illustrious achievements in the past have been the Gold Medal in the 3rd Asian Marathon 1992 in Indonesia and the Bronze Medal in the 6th Asian Marathon Championship 1998 in Bangkok. She won the famous Penang Int’l marathon of Malaysia in 1989 -1991 and also the Egyptian Int’l Marathon 1992-1994 for three years in a row.
Sunita clocked 2:48 with 5th position in the Melbourne marathon 1992 in Australia where Olympics trail held for five countries. She secured position among top ten overall women in Las Vegas, Polland, Belgrade, Italy, Paris marathon and Australia – Melbourne Marathon (5th Position), Holland Marathon 3rd Position in 1993.

Sunita Godara is coordinating Indian Elite Marathoners with Procam in Bangalore World 10km, Airtel Delhi half Marathon and Mumbai Marathon since 2005.

She is involved with other Marathons organized by Sports 18 in Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chandigarh. Recently in the moth of Jan 2012 she received a “Sports Award for outstanding achievements” from Jaipur Marathon organizers.

Sunita Godara
Asian Marathon Champion 1992
Director-Health Fitness Trust
President-Health Fitness Society
Mob:             +91-9811139985      ,             +91-9213396634

Please find Event photos on the link below:

January 27th, 2012Yamuna presentation

Pictures of the work in Yamunaji the last days.

-15th January

-14th January

-12th January


New canal to feed Keshi Ghat with Yamuna’s water 

Pictures presentation

See pictures of the days before here
Please, show your support and share!
“O dear one, Constantly singing and hearing the praises of Radha and Madhava, describing the same to the creatures of Vrindavan, seeing them all with the same vision, going from kunja to kunja, cleaning without stop in ecstatic service mood, give up all thought of your body and reside in Vrindavan Dham”(Vrindavana-mahimamrtam 1.59)


We are pleased to invite all of you to participate in the first version of the Vrindavan Safaikrama tobe held on 28th February to 1st March. Come (or support) and help to keep Sri Vrindavan Dham green and clean

Please see the pdf on below for more information

<[issuu width=550 height=206 shareMenuEnabled=false backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120109093820-bbdc6ce8d91c47d191481e2085b658b1 name=safaikrama username=bvhalliance tag=cleaning unit=px id=edaf1b75-5851-2698-5177-2cf0781e7e37 v=2]

More information very soon

A machine does the work of many men. It has easily doubled the width of the hand-dug trench.

Vrindavan, 2011.12.21 (VT): We have posted several albums of pictures this week showing the progress of the work on the channel digging bringing water to Keshi Ghat. You can see them on the Vrindavan Today Google profile.

The widened channel is now only 100 meters away from the pillars of the uncompleted bridge. The hope is that the greater part of the river’s flow will be diverted to Keshi Ghat.

About 200 laborers are working every day, and a JCB “mahabali” back hoe machine is also on the job.

Workers sandbagging in the early morning. It is getting cool and there is mist until 9 a.m.

Workers filling sandbags.

We will give an updated report shortly, but I think is a good idea to keep everyone aware of the progress that is being made.


Dear Brijbasis and friends of Vrindavan

The widened channel with some influx of fresh water. The pillars in the background remain from the ill-fated flyover project. There are still many in Vrindavan who want it to be completed.

New hope has come to bless us. Much has happened in the 30 years ago since the meeting was held in which Sewak Sharan and other established citizens of Vrindavan first proposed a master plan to save the holy city, in which a channel was to be made to bring the Yamunaji back to the old ghats.

The master plan was ignored by the government and also by many private undertakings that destroyed the green-belt idea by constructing madly all the way to Kikkinagla and the Delhi-Agra road. These new colonies are pumping out water from deep underground, resulting in the drying out of many old wells. And for years all the materials from broken buildings have just been dumped in front of the Yamuna ghats to the point that today a new road is being built on all these old bricks.

One of the biggest problems of Vrindavan is the total ignorance of all who throw plastic into the nalis which end up choking the entire system. That has to be stopped at any cost. We kill the rivers in that way. And without clean rivers our health will be seriously harmed.

The current undertaking to bring back Sri Yamunaji water flow to the old channel which is filled every year during the flood season gives us a little chance to beautify Vrindavan again. To raise the awareness that we can and must take action to improve the situation with or without the help of the government.

Vrindavan's boats.

The work of 100 workers or so in only 10 days has returned some flow on two sides of Vrindavan. The situation of the Yamuna is far from perfect. Our work has to go all the way to Yamunotri if we want to save ourselves from the great offense of abusing the holy lifeline river which made India famous together with mother Ganga — which is in a similar plight.

But in Vrindavan we all can bring about a major change. First we can get enough permanent flow in front of the old ghats to remove the standing dirty nail waters which are seeping into the ground water ever since the ill-conceived ring road flyover in front of the ghats was started. That work was started by bringing millions of sand bags to arrest the flow of the Yamuna in the construction area. This area, amongst others, now has to be dredged to bring back a solid flow of water permitting boats to go up at least as far as the Imlitala mandir.

Further up, illegal constructions on the Yamuna side have already made the Yamuna invisible from the Madan Mohan temple all the way down Imlitala. But now we can start and show how joint enthusiasm can bring about a great change.

Sewage entering the river near Cheer Ghat.


The next obvious step is to create a system of grills that make it impossible of any solid waste of Vrindavan to end up in the Yamuna. And after that, we must take all of the town’s black water through pipers into the area of the Kumbha mela ground or a little beyond and to create a simple sewage treatment plant (STP ) that can be sustainable in a simple way. Many tanks can do that work so that the nali water either goes into the fields after proper purification or returns to the Yamuna to increase the flow again.

All this would have a lower cost than the flyover, an undertaking that started without any plans for the black water and would have the effect driving the Yamuna completely away from Keshi Ghat. Moreover, it would absolve the town of Vrindavan of any accusation that we are also engaged in poisoning the river Yamuna.

Since the civic action has started with enthusiasm thanks to the efforts of Mr. K.P.S. Gill, we can see that waiting for the nonexistent master plan of the MVDA or PWD will never help us. In the meantime, the poison building up in front of Vrindavan is going down into the groundwater and our wells will soon be full of this poison, potentially killing even children and animals.

Volunteers helping dig the new channel.

This is not a joke and not an exaggeration. Any water analysis can confirm this danger. So why are the authorities not taking action? Because they are just busy making plans to spend government funds in projects that channel the money into their own, private pockets. The best example is the useless flyover made in Chaitanya Bihar at the cost of crores of rupees to cross the narrow gauge train line where the single-bogey train bus passes only twice a day in each direction. An ordinary road would have been sufficient, and as a matter of fact, the same train-bus crosses the Parikrama Marg and Gandhi Road without any barrier whatsoever.

Bureaucrats with such a sinful mentality and no concern for the health of our children have condemned themselves already. Only the law of karma can teach them what it means to abuse the trust of the people. But we can protect Vrindavan from our own mistakes and from those made by the authorities. By coming forward with shovels or sending our workers to help drench out this channel to show what every Brijvasi wishes and needs.

It is time for love and action. Seeing children of schools and leaders of many temples come and even join the digging gives truth hope and joy. Safaikrama set for the 29th of February is another chance to bring the message to all. If we keep throwing our trash into the nalis we are all responsible for the death of the hope for a clean Vrindavan.

Water entering the connecting channel from the river is not so pure either.

All leaders of the town are invited to show their understanding about the future of Vrindavan. As in all cities around the world where people abuse the public system and ignore the needs of the town’s population as a whole, there must be fines for violators. That system is not even known in Vrindavan. People can drop their trash anywhere, block the roads anywhere at any time and drive at a high speed threatening lives.

Our neighbor in Vrinda Kunja did Vrindavan parikrama every day until one of the Nagar Palika’s rushing tractors ran over him. He lost his leg and died a few month later. No help came from either the guilty party, the driver, or the Nagar Palika.

Let us all help to make the parikrama a safe trail without tea stalls permitting millions of plastic cups to be littered all over. What is this? This is Dham aparadh. And we have to stop it. No police will do it.

Polyethylene bags are banned but which shop owner cares? The cows are dying from it but you do not see that when you give the clients a plastic bag. But it does go on your karmic record. “Shop owner Mr. … killed a cow by the plastic bag he gave to a client. ” How are you going to explain that to Yamaraj when even the government had already told you that these plastic bags are prohibited?

Please let us all do the job together. Only that way it will change. We need YOU. We love YOU. Radharani has favored all of you who live in or visit Vrindavan. Let us really try to please Her. This letter show a few hints how that can be accomplished.

Thanks for reading and more thanks for helping Vrindavan. Our devotees from South America are living in poor countries but they are so grateful to Vrindavan that they send donations to help in different areas to clean and to beautify Vrindavan. Because the care and mercy of Sri Sri Radha Govindaji and Sri Vrindavan is meant for the uplift of the whole world.

Jai Shri Radhe Shyam!

Your servant

Swami B.A. Paramadvaiti and the Vrinda family

The meeting of the BVHAlliance in Pandavali Kunja was very successful. It was a re-start after a period of some confusion which has held back the full impact of the Braj Vrindavan Heritage Alliance. Without going to any details, it was decided in this meeting to form a new interim group of organizers headed by Partha Sarthy as an secretary, Madan Bihari Das Baba as a harmonizing secretary and Man Mohan Parik as a communicational secretary. It was also accepted that Mr. K.P.S. Gill should be considered an adviser for the Braj Vrindavan Heritage Alliance.

The main topic of the day where the disappearance of the documents which came from the DM of Mathura regarding the water situation of Vrindavan, which had not been procured so far; Madan Bihari Das Baba took responsibility to approach Srivatsa Goswamiji for the documents which was handed over to Madan Bihari originally by the DM. This document was considered essential in order to understand the idea of the Braj Vrindavan Heritage Alliance Master Plan for improving and encouraging participation of the individual parts of Vrindavan in the work of the Alliance.

It was also accepted that a new section of the BVHAlliance web page should include any contribution of any part who is doing something to improve the situation in Vrindavan or to give a great variety of services to the community.
In this way, the web site of the BVHAlliance is supposed to be a site of reports on what has been appreciated by the members of the alliance. The web secretary continues the same service as previously with Gandharvika Devi Dasi, who has volunteer from the beginning of the Alliance.

The place Pandavali Kunja, which also is the place of the office of the alliance, has been appreciated as a contribution of Gopinath Gaudiya Math to the alliance free of cost, so that all documentation can be keep safe locked and some meetings can be conducted in this place. It was also concluded that the alliance wants to utilize different the NGO´s whenever financial contribution come or some particular job with legal background has to be resolved, rather than establishing a several registration. Reason for that is that the members of the members of the Alliance wants to act as a brahminical counsel of Vrindavan rather than an executing body which is naturally subjected to criticism and suspicion by different people. In this way, was once again confirm that the Alliance will continue in a non-registered and informal Alliance of those who are worshipers of Vrindavan and Yamuna and who want to make some sacrifice to improve
the environmental situation.

It was also concluded in the meeting that we continue to have the venue of our meetings in different places, specifically next meeting was invited by Radha Gopinath Mandir of Raja Goswami, which will be held on 5th of December.

It was also agreed the point that the tendency of uncivilized behavior in the meetings by speaking without be approbation and appoint by the chairman of the meeting must stop from now on, because that has been a disturb from the previous meetings and distracted from the real purpose of the alliance. It was greatly appreciated the contribution from Vrinda Kunja math of simultaneously translation equipment where whatever was spoken either in hindi or English was translated to those who don´t speak the language, so the meeting can flow without any obstruction of language difficulties. Vrinda Kunja promised to keep supplying this technology for the future meetings.

Many members of the Alliance are actually powerful groups of activities in Vrindavan and many other groups, not very intimated connected with the alliance yet, are also doing substantial work; so we want to continue and try to encourage the service to the Dham.