Sripad Sevak Caranji one of the great protectors of Vrindavan from many years ago. Leader of different projects that fight for Braj Mandal protection.


[BVHA] Sevak Caranji one of the great protectors of Vrindavan from many years ago

Srimati Padmashree Geeta Chandran offering a Bharatnayam dance performance to Sri Radha Ramanji, nritya seva.

Radha Raman Temple, Sri Vrindavan Dham on 15 June 2014.

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The Birth of Colour

when Krishna met Radha

Holi Vrindavan 01

Holi Vrindavan 02

Holi Vrindavan 03

Holi Vrindavan 04

Holi Vrindavan 05




this petition for the protection of the sacred Dham and all Vraj Mandal, to enter Vrindavan into the list of the World Heritage Sites:



petition vrindavan



The campus and surrounding of Shri Gokulananda Mandir was cleaned under the Vrindavan Cleaning Fund Programme of Friends of Vrindavan.

cleaning Radha Gokulananda mandir 2014 05 cleaning Radha Gokulananda mandir 2014 03

cleaning Radha Gokulananda mandir 2014 04 cleaning Radha Gokulananda mandir 2014 02

cleaning Radha Gokulananda mandir 2014 01 cleaning Radha Gokulananda mandir 2014 07




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22 May, 2014
Today Darshan at Sri Sri Radha Shyamsundar Mandir, Seva Kunja.


14-05-22 Sri Radha Syamasundar 01

14-05-22 Sri Radha Syamasundar 02

14-05-22 Sri Radha Syamasundar 03

14-05-22 Sri Radha Syamasundar 04




Beautiful phul dol darshan of Sri Sri Radha Gopinath

21 May, 2014

Sri Vrindavan Dham


2014-05-21 19.42.42 Radha Gopinath

2014-05-21 19.43.00 Radha Gopinath

2014-05-21 19.43.52 Radha Gopinath

Beautiful darshan of Sri Sri Radha Vallabh

19 May, 2014

Sri Vrindavan Dham

Sri Radhavallabha 14-05-19 02

Sri Radhavallabha 14-05-19 01


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Beautiful pictures of Abishek of Sri Radharaman on the special celebration of His Appearance Day.


Radharaman appearance day 2014 01

Radharaman appearance day 2014 02

Detail on Vyasasana.


Radharaman appearance day 2014 03

The stunning Sri Sri Radharaman ready for His abishek

Radharaman appearance day 2014 04

Pujaris at the altar

Radharaman appearance day 2014 05

The Abishek

Radharaman appearance day 2014 06

The Goswamis doing abishek

Radharaman appearance day 2014 07

Sri Sri Radharamanji ki jay!

Radharaman appearance day 2014 08

Attentive pujari

Radharaman appearance day 2014 09

Beautiful detail on temple’s wall

Radharaman appearance day 2014 10

Many devotees attended to this special celebration

Radharaman appearance day 2014 11

The temple was amazingly decorated.


Thousands of widows ostracised by their families are left abandoned in the ashrams and temples of Vrindavan. While they count their last days in quest of salvation in the temple town, they also come out and vote.



Widows in Vrindavan exercised their right to vote in Lok Sabha polls on Thursday.


Widows residing in Vrindavan braved the weather to cast their vote.


Once abandoned, a proud voter in Vrindavan leaves after casting her vote in Vrindavan on Thursday.


Vrindavan widows in queue to vote.


Widows at a polling station in Vrindavan.


Widows in Vrindavan stand in heat and hot weather to cast their vote.



(IE Photo: Ravi Kanojia)