On January 3, 2010, an alliance was formed in Sri Vrindavan Dham to further the interests and needs of Sri Braj Mandal,  the Yamuna River, all the Brijvasis and visitors to this holy place. This alliance has been named the Braj-Vrindavan Heritage Alliance.

The Alliance invites all friends and sympathizers to help promote its goals. The first item on the agenda is to send a letter to the director of UNESCO asking for his help in planning Vrindavan’s future development and, more importantly, to get Braj Mandal or at least Vrindavan listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Braj foundation and the efforts to bring the Yamuna back to the gath made by the Vrindavan Yamuna Heritage Foundation are all working for the same goals. Please come forward if you or your organization want to be included in our alliance. Leave a note in the guestbook so we can contact you.

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